Bharat Patel Fort Mill, SC

  Gino Belmonte and Franchise Negotiations did an incredible job negotiating the terms of our new franchise agreement. He exceeded my expectations and was able to walk me through every step of the process. I would recommend to anyone looking to level the playing field.

Manish Patel Wichita, KS

  If you are thinking of terminating your franchise or have been terminated the only call you need to make is to Gino Belmonte negotiated my termination fees for pennies on the dollar and structured a payment plan that fit with my financial situation. 

Nishi Mallick Owner The Beach Plaza Hotel

I would highly recommend the services of the Belmontes and  to anyone who is faced with termination or liquidated damages on their hotel. Hospitality Solutions saved me a substantial amount of money and charged only a low flat fee to do so.

It would have cost me ten times more if I were to have used a law firm plus, now I don’t have to worry about litigation all the time and the stress that it causes. 

Kash Patel Clemson, SC

Mr. Belmonte did a fantastic job negotiating the termination fees I owed my franchise company.

While my confidentiality provision prohibits my mentioning the name of my brand or franchise company, I can tell you that I did owe over $485,000 and they had a judgment against me. Mr. Belmonte negotiated that down to $70,000 for a savings of $415,000. What’s even more unbelievable is they did it all for a low flat fee. 

Gopal Patel Sacramento, CA

 Mr. Belmonte and Hospitality Solutions did a great job negotiating the termination fees I owed my franchise company. I was extremely happy with the way Mr. Belmonte handled my case. Because of his efforts he was able to save us the vast majority of what I owed my franchise company. I would highly recommend Hospitality Solutions to anyone facing termination of their franchise. 

Sachin Patel Shine Hospitality, LLC

  Mr. Belmonte and Hospitality Solutions did a great job negotiating the termination fees I owed my franchise company. Gino clearly communicated his course of action as well as what was needed from us to accomplish a settlement. His efforts resulted in us saving a huge portion of our termination fees. I highly recommend Hospitality Solutions to anyone facing termination of their franchise.

Michael Mason President Mason Commercial Capital

Mr. Belmonte and Hospitality Solutions LLC did a great job in negotiating franchise agreements for two of my customers. Gino obtained numerous concessions which resulted in substantially lower cost of the franchise in both cases. I would heartily recommend Gino Belmonte for any franchise agreement negotiations.

L.B. Eckelkamp, Jr. Law Offices Eckelkamp Kuenzel LLP

 Thank you again for the outstanding job you did negotiating  with both Ramada and Holiday Inn on our behalf. Although I am an attorney, I called upon you because of your knowledge of the right people to talk to and your understanding of what was possible to attain. We are extremely happy with the advice you gave us and the speed and efficiency with which you worked. On top of that, your fee was reasonable and certainly less than expected. 

Jonathan Tisch Chairman & CEO Loews Hotels

Over the course of two decades that I have known and worked with Steve, he has continually proven himself to be a true and dedicated hospitality industry leader. His experience and knowledge make him an invaluable resource.

Thomas R. Magnuson CEO Magnuson Hotels – World’s largest independent hotel group

 When it comes to freeing business owners from the shackles of one-sided corporate franchise contracts, nobody is more effective than Steve Belmonte, CEO of Hospitality Solutions. Steve provides fair, honest and fast freedom from the financial, legal and operational trauma caused by traditional franchise agreements, so owners can get onto profitable and happy new beginnings quickly. 

Neal B. Jackson CHA Vice President Jackson Hospitality Services

 I have watched the career of Steven J. Belmonte for more than 10 years and have been amazed at the consistent and highly regarded reputation Steve has maintained. Steve’s enthusiasm on whatever he works on is infectious. As a hospitality professional, Steve gives you his full attention and makes the most of meetings, projects or whatever else he participates in. In speaking with Steve about his company, Hospitality Solutions LLC, it’s evident that Steve has a passion to genuinely help hotel owners and in doing so creates a lasting friendship. It is with great pleasure that I write to you in recommendation for Steven J. Belmonte. He is an honest individual who cares about people both personally and professionally.  

Morris Lasky Late CEO Lodging Unlimited, Inc

  I have known Steve Belmonte for over 30 years. He has helped me out many times. Steve is the most honorable person I have ever known. If Steve tells you he can do something for you, there is no question that he will get it done and in a timely manner. There are not enough words that can describe Steve: he is business smart, you can count on him when he is working for you and I do not know anyone who is more honest or sincere.

Daniel Lambert Owner Ramada Plaza Resorts, Orlando/Ft. Lauderdale Vacations

  As you know, we were successful in our litigation regarding the Ramada Inn located in Pompano Beach, Florida. I cannot thank you enough for your assistance as an expert witness in this case. The Judge specifically referred to your testimony in his ruling and clearly relied on your expertise in reaching his decision. Prior to getting into the hotel business, I made my living as an attorney specializing in commercial litigation. If all expert witnesses I utilized then were as knowledgeable, qualified and prepared as you, it would have made my job very simple. Again, thanks so much to you and your team at Hospitality Solutions. You guys are the BEST!

Mike Leven President & COO Las Vegas Sands Corporation

  I have known Steve Belmonte for over 30 years. I have admired him as an executive, a manager and a human being. He generates results and he generates confidence and he does it with unusual passion.

Joe Epstein President and Founder First American Realty Associates

 I have known Steve Belmonte since he was the President of Ramada Franchise systems. His understanding of our business from operations to franchise negotiations is second to none. His word is his bond. His no nonsense, straight forward approach is both refreshing and comforting. For ANY problem that you are having with your franchise, Steve Belmonte and Hospitality Solutions is your one-stop shop 

Robert Leslie Ramada Plaza Suites & Conference Center Hotel

  Steve possesses a very strong interest in the clients he deals with and his strong recommendations and input always has a powerful quality effect on the end result of what a client aims to achieve. Steve doesn’t take lightly his responsibility of dealing with a client, but a client is most fortunate because Steve’s keen interest in a client’s success is never-ending. His follow-through is so diligent that it is unheard of in the industry, there are certainly none better. People that work with this gentleman are fortunate to have his guidance and experience, he is so highly-qualified, coupled with sincerity and being result-oriented.

Robert J. Cataldo Vice Chairman & COO Hostmark Hospitality Group

  With great confidence, I would like to offer my professional recommendation of Steve Belmonte and his company, Hospitality Solutions. I have known Steve professionally for more than 40 years. He has always had his finger on the pulse -- developing innovative ways the hospitality industry could be served by a service or product, and navigating above the benchmark with insightful vision for the future. I have and will continue to place my trust in Steve’s abilities to deliver on his promise and to make everything he touches better.

Boyce Reid Brown George & Brothers, L.L.P. Law Firm

  Your work and your expert’s report was a major factor in our success in negotiating an excellent settlement. Thank you again for your efforts. We look forward to working with you again in the future.

Henry Silverman Former Chairman - Cendant Apollo Global Management LLC

  Knowing Steve Belmonte for several years, I can certainly attest to his passion and commitment. He is an honest and caring individual who focuses on delivering his customers the very best results.

Lee Dushoff Late Owner Hotel Partners Inc.

  Steve Belmonte is a passionate, committed and effective advocate for his clients and through Hospitality Solutions has had a positive impact on nearly every aspect of our industry.

Mike Patel President Diplomat Hotels, Former Chairman - AAHOA

  Hospitality Solutions has my highest possible recommendation. I have used their franchise negotiations service and they saved me time, money and got me a great deal. You can’t go wrong with Hospitality Solutions.

Teresa Matsui Sanders CHA President & CEO InnWorks

  After spending well over twenty years as a multiple-property hotel owner and franchisee, it’s patently clear to me that we need advocates to even the odds when dealing with franchisors on major transactions. There’s too much at stake when trying to negotiate the terms of a new or renewed franchise agreement, a PIP (property improvement plan), or a franchise transfer or termination to go it alone. There are numerous parties who can assist in this effort, but no one has the depth of industry experience or breadth of professional contacts Steve Belmonte. Steve and his associates at Hospitality Solutions LLC are in a unique position to assist hotel owners with their franchise negotiations on a very practical basis. Moreover, Hospitality Solutions’ fees are beyond reasonable. Given the tens, if not hundreds or thousands, of dollars that can be at stake, the modest fixed fee charged by Hospitality Solutions is de minimus. Finally, Steve is an extraordinary individual and consummate gentleman. I’m pleased to have been associated with him over the years.

Stanley Turkel CMHS, ISHC

  There is no better advocate for the rights of hotel franchisees than Steve Belmonte, whose singular effectiveness in franchise negotiations is legendary.

Whether you are a novice or a long-time hotelier, negotiating a fair franchise agreement is difficult, at best. With Steve Belmonte on your side, you will have an experienced consultant who can achieve the best results usually for a low, flat fee with a no-risk guarantee. Belmonte specializes in franchise termination and liquidated damage claim negotiations and litigation support assignments.

In my long career as a hotel and franchise consultant, I have not found anyone who gets better results than Steve Belmonte.

Nishi Mallick Owner The Beach Plaza Hotel

  I would highly recommend the services of the Belmontes and Hospitality Solutions LLC to anyone who is faced with termination or liquidated damages on their hotel. Hospitality Solutions saved me a substantial amount of money and charged only a low flat fee to do so.

It would have cost me ten times more if I were to have used a law firm plus, now I don’t have to worry about litigation all the time and the stress that it causes.